Product IDDP-VME-5838
Product NameHigh Performance 335 M, 6 Channel Digital Receiver
Product DescriptionThe DP- VME-5838 is a VME64x slave, high performance 335M, six channel Digital receiver card. It samples and down converts the analog IF signals into the digital base band data. The processed I/Q data are pulse compressed and decimated to the base band rate. In the Central Unit system, this pulse compressed I/Q data has to be sent to the signal processing unit through a 2.5G speed Optical SFPDP link. In this module, the pulse coded waveform generation block is available inside the FPGA and waveform generation is achieved using a DAC. Also, it has the optical serial FPDP interface and dual channel 16 bit DAC for monitoring the I and Q waveform.
Key Features
  • VME 64x Slave interface.
  • 335 Million logic gates from Virtex-5.
  • VME Interrupt section.
  • Waveform generator, Six channel Digital Down Converter (DDC).
  • 512 Mbit DDR II SDRAM Interface.
  • High speed serial data transfer (2.5Gbps serial FPDP).
  • I and Q output monitoring.
  • 68 Test Points per FPGA.
  • 20 Rear I/O signals.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • 512Mbit Configuration FLASH.
  • 512Mbit User FLASH.
  • Virtex 5 SX95T FPGA to support six ADC input channel interface, Waveform DAC, Test points and Down conversion and data multiplexing logic.
  • Virtex 5 SX240T FPGA to support Data multiplexing, I and Q monitoring, Test points, Serial FPDP implementation and Pulse compression logic.
  • Sparton 3 XC3S100 FPGA to support VME interface logic and local VME addressing.