Product IDDP-VPX-0659
Product NameVPX Based Quad 8640 D Signal Processing Unit
Product DescriptionThe DP-VPX-0659 is an advanced, fully rugged high performance multiprocessor solution, featuring Quad Freescale 8640D Dual-core processors and upto 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory (512MB per core). This 6U VPX Quad PowerPC board combines Freescale’s latest AltiVec enabled processor 8640D with serial switched fabric capabilities of new military Aerospace COTS standard, VITA 46.
Key Features
  • Latest Duale 600 Core MPC8640D Power PC Processors at 1000MHz core frequency.
  • Upto eight processing cores.
  • Upto 4GB DDR2 SDRAM (512MB per core) controlled by dual 64-bit controllers with ECC (operates at 200MHz clock rate and 400MHz Data rate).
  • Upto 512MB FLASH memory per board.
  • 128KB NVSRAM with in-built RTC.
  • Four x4 ports Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO) to P1 connector as per VITA 46.3.
  • Four x4 PCI express (PCIe) connections to P2 connector.
  • Two(GbE switch) / Four Ports (GbE Transceiver) of 1000BASE-T GbE.
  • One XMC site configurable as PCIe (x8) / sRIO (x4). In addition to the XMC secondary user I/O signals, 64 user I/O signals from PMC (J4) also routed to Rear I/O.
  • PCIe support for XMC via optional low latency interface with one of the computing node.
  • 8 Serial Ports. Four RS-232 and Four RS-232 / RS-422.
  • Multi board synchronous clock.
  • 12 On- board temperature sensors.
  • Phased power up feature to avoid high inrush current.
  • 16 LVTTL User I/O and 2 Differential User I/O (RS422 / RS485 compatible) with programmable interrupt capability.
  • Air cooled-and-conduction cooled versions (0.85” and 1” pitch).
  • Rugged conduction cooling compliance to VITA 48.2 REDI.