Product IDDP-PSU-8123
Product NameVPX 28V Input 460W Power Supply
Product DescriptionDP-PSU-8123 is a 6U VPX power supply module with a wide input voltage range accommodating nominal 28V input. It signifies the following options, a) +12V at 40A b) +8V at 8A c) +5V at 40A d) +3.3V at 15A e) -12V at 1A.
Key Features
  • 6U with effective COTS solution as per VITA 62.
  • Wide input voltage range : 18-36V.
  • Transient protection as per MIL-STD-704.
  • High efficiency above 85% at full rated load current.
  • Fixed frequency switching provides predictable Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).
  • Built-in EMI compliance.
  • Output filter section at each voltage levels.
  • Input reverse polarity protection.
  • Over voltage, over current protection at output.
  • Input and output supply LED indication at panel level.
  • Low noise and output ripple.