Product IDDP-VPX-5261
Product DescriptionThe DP-VPX-5261(DRFM) is a VPX based standard module, which is used to measure the Amplitude, Phase & other parameters of the RADAR signal in real time using high speed ADC, DAC & FPGA architecture. DRFM digitizes an IF Signal of the intercepted radar waveform, modifies the phase/amplitude of the signal in FPGA, and coherently rebroadcasts the modified signal. DRFM effectively handles instantaneous bandwidth of 400MHz.
Key Features
  • 400MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth with output attenuation control
  • Pulse Widths 50 ns to CW
  • Range Delay 500 ns to 500 ms
  • Range Resolutions 3.33 ns
  • Four numbers of 2Gbit DDR-III memory
  • 4MBit flash memory
  • High Speed PCIe and RIO interface
  • Single Channel High speed ADC for the conversion of Analog input to Digital output with a resolution of 12 bit.
  • Single Channel high speed DAC for the conversion of Digital input to Analog output with a resolution of 16 bit.
  • ADC and DAC Flatness < 2 dBm
  • User programmable Xilinx Virtex - 7 FPGA
  • Output attenuation control
  • External Trigger input
  • External Trigger output
  • External VCO input option