Product IDDP-VPX-0930
Product Name3U VPX T2080 Quad Core Single Board Computer
Product DescriptionVersatile Performance Switching (VPX) based Quad Core Signal Processing Module(DP-VPX-0930) is the latest VPX™ compliant 3U processor that combines the high performance and the advanced I/O capabilities of Freescales Power Architecture® Quad-core AltiVec™ enabled T2080 processor with an extensive I/O complement to provide the best performance for a Quad Core processor at low powet. Designed for space constrained applications, the VPX-0930 represents rugged high-performance, highly integrated small form factor SBCs. In conjunction with its processing power, the VPX-0930 easily meets challenge by offering an impressive variant of I/O capability in order to satisfy the most demanding application needs. The VPX module format, governed by the VITA 46 specifications and the associated VITA 48 Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI) was established to address the fundamental requirement to provide open-architecture modules that incorporate the high-speed serial interconnect technology that is becoming pervasive in high performance computing. The VPX standard was developed by the leading providers of military commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modules to address the major issue of high-speed serial interconnect. The VPX module format provides many benefits to integrators of high performance multi-processor systems for radar , mission computers, and other applications.
Key Features
  • Freescale Q or IQ Quad core dual threaded T2080 processor upto 1.5GHz speed.
  • 4x dual threaded e6500 processor cores.
  • Each core has AltiVec engine vector processor.
  • 64KB L1 cache per core.
  • 2MB L2 cache for four cores.
  • One DDR3 64bit memory controller with 512KB L3 cache.
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controllers.
  • 2x I˛C channels.
  • Integrated DMA controllers.
  • Upto 4GB (8GB Optional) of DDR3 SDRAM with ECC.
  • x4 fabric ports on the VPX P1 connector mapped as per VIT A 46.9 that can be configured as: q T wo x4 PCIe Gen 2 ports (or) q One x4, One x2 PCIe Gen2 ports.
  • 512MB Flash.
  • One XMC (VITA 42.0) site -x4 lane PCIe Gen 2 interface as per VIT A 42.3 -JN6 pinned out to backplane P2 following VIT A 46.9 X24s+X20d.
  • Two Gbe interfaces on P1 connector.
  • Two Rs232 / Rs422 ports.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports.
  • Avionics-style watchdog timers.
  • Six general purpose timers.