Product IDDP-VPX-5846
Product NameDual Channel Narrow Band Digital Receiver Module with VPX Interface
Product DescriptionThe Dual Channel Narrow Band Digital Receiver module (DP-VPX-5846) is VPX based standard module is used to measure the amplitude, Phase and other parameters of the RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) signal in real time using high speed ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) and FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array).
Key Features
  • Xilinx Virtex -7 330T / 485T/ 690T FPGA.
  • Artix-7 FPGA for monitoring and configuring Virtex-7 FPGA.
  • One FMC interface per Virtex-7FPGA.
  • 2GB of DDRIII SDRAM support for Virtex-7AFPGA.
  • 1Gbit of general purpose flash memory per Virtex-7FPGA.
  • One on-board PLL for BIST signal generation.
  • Four channels of video interface with maximum sampling rate of 40MHz.
  • 18 bidirectional I/O's between two Virtex -7FPGAs.
  • 12 bidirectional I/O's from Artix-7 to each Virtex-7FPGA.
  • 30 LVDS input lines from VPX connector to the Artix-7FPGA.
  • 16 bidirectional TTL lines from each Virtex-7FPGA to VPX connector.
  • 35 LVTTL lines from Virtex-7A to VPXconnector.