Product IDDP-VPX-7010
Product Name6U Single Slot VPX Backplane Module
Product DescriptionDP-VPX-7010 is a 6U, single slot VPX backplane module, which serves as a backplane for one 6U, front and rear side VPX modules. High Speed Multi-gig RT 2 type connectors are used in VPX Backplane. The placement of these connectors comply to the VITA 46.0 standard.This module has keying blocks, which are designed for robustness and preventing pin stubbing. Key 1 is provides with two orientation options of 315 and 45 where 315 option is for +12V at VS1 input and 45 option is for +48V at VS1 input. By default, key 1 is placed at 315 to accept +12V. Keys 2 and 3 are provided with orientation of 270 as per VPX Standard.
Key Features
  • VPX Backplane compliant to the VITA 46.0 base specification.
  • Follows Open VPX architectural framework.
  • High-speed Multi-gig RT2 connectors used.
  • Rugged Eurocard form factor in 6U height.
  • Supports both front and rear side VPX modules.
  • 6U single slot VPX.