Product IDDP-XMC-5775
Product Name39 Differential I/O or 78 TTL I/O XMC Module
Product DescriptionThe DP-XMC-5775 is a standard Conduction Cooled Mezzanine Card compliant with Peripheral Component Interconnect express (PCIe) interface. It is a user programmable Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) based digital Input/Output (I/O) Module. The module has 39 Differential I/Os or 78 Transmitter- transmitter logic (TTL) I/Os. Each I/O can be individually programmed as transmitter / receiver. The receivers are always enabled, that allows to determine the state of each I/O line at any instant of time. This can be used as read back function for the lines that are configured as outputs. The differential I/O lines are terminated by 120O resistor with external fail safe circuitry.
Key Features
  • PCIe 1X.
  • Conduction Cooled XMC.
  • Inputs processed through debounce circuit to ensure unrecognized false transients.
  • Provision to determine state of I/O line at any time.
  • Individually programmable input or output lines.
  • Fail safe circuitry Differential I/O lines.