Product IDDP-PMC-5736
Product NamePCI Extender Card
Product DescriptionThe DP-PMC-5736 is highly flexible PCI Extender card, which can be used to extend PCI/PCI-X bus from one system to another system over an optical fiber medium up to 2KM distance. A PCI-X to PCI-e Bridge is used to convert the PCI/PCI-X protocol to PCI Express protocol, with a lane bandwidth of 1 Gbps. Four X 1 downstream ports from Switch Fabric are connected to individual transceiver. The DP-PMC-5736 contains four optical transceivers which can transmit optical signals upto 2488Mbps speed.The PCI Extender card is compatible with both 32/64 bit and both 33/66 MHz speed PCI/PCI-X signal. The DP-PMC-5736 is designed to act as both standard PMC on I/O cards and also as Processor PMC.The DP-PMC-5736 is implemented in a PMC form factor. It can be mounted on any of the I/O cards in the chassis or as a Processor PMC module. In the Master controller DP-PMC-5736 will be mounted as I/O cards. In the extended Slave chassis, the DP-PMC-5736 is mounted as a processor PMC. The extension can be a connector between system types such as PCI, cPCI, VME64x through the use of appropriate PMC and PPMC carriers.
Key Features
  • 32Bit/64Bit at 33/66 MHZ PCI/PCI-X Bus.
  • 2.5 Gbps PCI Express per lane.
  • Standard PMC/PrPMC Board.
  • Compact rugged design for severe environment.
  • Low power consumption and dissipation.