Product IDDP-VME-5826
Product Name6 Channel Digital Receiver Module
Product DescriptionDP-VME-5826 is a VME64x Six Channel Digital IF Receiver module. It samples and down converts analog IF signals into the digital base band data.The digital base band I/O samples generated from these IF samples are pulse compressed. Down converted I/Q data is sent to the signal processor through 2 channels of 2.5 Gbps speed SFPDP link.The digital waveform generator block of digital receiver unit generates programmable polyphase coded digital pulse coded expander output.
Key Features
  • VME 64x interface card.
  • High performance,monolithic14-bitanalog to digital converter.
  • Waveform generation DAC.
  • DC coupled dual channel 16-bit DACs.
  • Down conversion path of 6ADCs and 3 virtex 4 FPGAs, with each 2 ADCs connected to an FPGA.
  • 512 MB Flash for coded waveform reference data.
  • User programmable algorithm .
  • Temperature Monitoring.
  • Two serial Front Panel Data Ports (FPDP) optical link speed of2.5G baud per FPDP.
  • Down conversion and pulse conversion.
  • Rugged module.