Power distribution module (PDM), controls the flow of power to spacecraft sub systems / instruments. The regulated output voltage from EPS (Electrical Power System) is fed to the PDM where the supply voltages are switched through the current limited MOSFET switches and made available to the sub systems. These individual switches are controlled through Tele command operation or on board autonomous operation for load management.

On Board Computer

●  Programmable Current limit threshold for each load.

●  Sub module load current monitoring and status update through Telemetry.

●  EPS Bus Voltage monitoring.

●  Battery Bus voltage & Cell Voltage monitoring.

●  FPGA based Control logic circuitry with dual redundant methodology for redundant operation.

●  Expandable Current controlled switches through expander card controlled over I2C interface.

●  Configurable latch-up and restart operation with programmed time out.

●  Failure module isolation from the main power bus.

●  PC104 form factor compliant.

1.  Power Distribution Module

2.  Power Distribution Module – Expander

3.  JTAG (FPGA) Programmer

4.  User Manual (PDM & PDM-E)

1.  Lab Model

2.  Qualification Model

3.  Flight Model