Product IDDP-OBC-0402
Product NameOn Board Computer
Product DescriptionThe DP-OBC-0402 is a rugged, compact On Board Computer (OBC) module that provides low power solution for the signal processing and communication interfaces to the various sub systems of cube satellite and mission critical system, supporting wide array of payloads.
Key Features
  • PC104 form factor compatible
  • e200 core processor
  • Dual core micro controller operating in lock step mode or decoupled parallel mode (dual core mode)
  • On chip memory with Error Correction Code (ECC)
  • EBI (Extended Bus Interface) for memory and I/O expansion
  • Redundant peripherals
  • Code download feature through external module
  • Industry standard serial communication interfaces
  • Flex PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) units with four 16bit channels per module
  • In-built ADC for temperature monitoring and sensor interfaces
  • Full redundant bus configuration with two OBCs and a redundant switching module
  • Redundant boot option
  • 4RS422, 2SPI, 3I C, 2 Flex CAN and 10/100 Mbps MII (Media Independent Interface) Ethernet interface
  • Extended memory - 8GB SD card, 2MB external user flash and 8MB SRAM
  • 5V/3.3V power options with low power consumption
  • Temperature sensor for temperature monitoring
  • WDT for processor health monitoring