ADCS Control Algorithm

Attitude Determination & Control System (ADCS) is the heart of the satellite, which determines a satellite's performance and life.Attitude refers to the orientation of the satellite in space. ADCS handles the orientation of the satellite in the desired direction.

The functionality of the ADCS algorithms are:

    1. Detumbling the satellite.

    2. Pointing the satellite solar panels towards the sun for power generation.

    3. Pointing the payload/antenna in a desired direction to carry out the mission objective.

    4. Momentum dumping of the satellite.

Data Patterns has space proven algorithms for Sun Pointing and De-tumbling, meeting the following specifications on a 15kg class satellite.

    ► Detumbling of the satellite from 10 deg/sec to 1 Deg/sec in less than 90 mins,

    ► Agility of 1 degree/second with reaction wheels.

On Board Computer

System Features

●  Periodic ECC and check-sum verification of Code and Data.

●  Software Control redundancy on all modules in ADCS.

●  Cyclic built in tests to validate core, communication channels, peripherals and Memory.

Design features

●  C code in conformance to ANSI-C / MISRA 2004 standards.

●  Two levels of watch dog timers for continuous operation.

●  Check-sum verification on all available communication channels.

●  Code replace-ability for ADCS modules.

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