TTC Transceiver

The Data Patterns VHF receiver & UHF transmitter is a flight qualified, full duplex communication system for telecommand telemetry operayions of Cube, Nano and Microsat missions. The radio is designed to operate in the amateur bands of VHF/UHF frequency spectrum.

The receiver has an excellent sensitivity of ~ -115 dBm and the transmitter o/p power is 0.5W (over operating temperature range). This module support FSK, AFSK, MSK & GMSK modulations and can operate in AX.25 / HDLC / custom packet protocol mode.

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●  VHF (144MHz - 148MHz) Uplink and UHF (400 to 440MHz) Downlink.

●  Full duplex communication.

●  In-built Automatic Frequency Correction (AFC) for Doppler correction.

●  Configurable Data rate / Frequency of operation.

●  Software watchdog.

●  Low power consumption.

●  Supports HDLC / AX.25 / RAW frame formats.

●  UART interface for command and Telemetry.

●  Shielded enclosure for reduced interference.

●  ESD protection on antenna terminals.

●  PC104 form factor compliant.

Product Name Description View
DP-CRF-5549 TTC Transceiver

1.  VHF receiver & UHF transmitter module

2.  Software ICD

3.  JTAG programmer

1.  Lab Model

2.  Qualification Model

3.  Flight Model