Reaction Wheel

The Data Patterns reaction wheel is a flight qualified, compact, standalone actuator unit designed for Cube Satellite and Nano satellite missions requiring less than 30mNms of momentum storage.

The wheels are used to impart rotational motion to spacecraft for applications like earth observation, communication and any specific mission requirements.

Reaction Wheel

●  Brush less DC motor.

●  Hybrid ball bearings.

●  Built in motor drive electronics.

●  Operates in torque or speed control mode.

●  High momentum to mass ratio.

●  Flight proven.

●  Electrical interface: I2C .

●  PC104 form factor compliant.

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DP-DMCS-7000 Reaction Wheel

1.  Reaction wheel

2.  Micro controller programmer

3.  User Manual

1.  Lab Model

2.  Qualification Model

3.  Flight Model