Product IDDP-VXI-5124
Product NameVXI IP Carrier Module
Product DescriptionThe Data Patterns DP-VXI-5124 is a VXI 'C' size Carrier Board, which occupies a single slot in the VXI system. The module is a register based device with A16/A24/A32 address space and has interrupter capability. The carrier board's VXI bus interface is used to program and monitor the carrier board registers for configuration and control of the board. The VXI bus interface is also used to communicate with and control the external devices that are connected to an IP modules field I/O signals.
Key Features
  • VXI interface card.
  • Provides mechanical and electrical interface for up to eight IP modules.
  • 400 I/O points.
  • Two interrupts per IP module.
  • Individually filtered power to each IP.
  • Supports full data access to the IP modules I/O, ID and interrupt spaces.
  • IP memory space accesses are supported and software configurable from 512 bytes to 2MB.
  • Supports VXI short I/O (A16) address space for all carrier board registers.
  • Supports VXI standard selectable (A24) / (A32) address space for IP modules I/O, ID, interrupt and memory space accesses.
  • Supports single or double size IP modules.
  • Optional strobe inputs or outputs are provided per IP.