Product IDDP-VXI-5106
Product Name32 Channel Analog Comparator Module
Product DescriptionDP-VXI-5106, is a 32 Channel Analog Comparator Module with 32 channels of differential analog window comparators. Each channel is provided with a window comparator as well as a Level Comparator , software selectable on an independent channel basis. All the 32 channels have been grouped into four groups of 8 channels each. This allows the user to configure the comparator module based on the application to initiate alarm action to exactly meet application requirements. Each Comparator channel can be programmed to generate a VXI bus interrupt or can be masked through software. An Interrupt is generated on an individual channel basis or on a group basis. Front panel outputs of buffered TTL and a 2-CO relay contact is available for every group (4 outputs total each). Also, a common buffered TTL interrupt output and a common 2-CO relay contact is also available at the facia providing extensive flexibility in application engineering.This module is an ideal device for GO / NO-GO testing in Test Stand Automation where important signals must be continuously monitored for system shut down purposes and safety inter-lock implementation. The hardware implementation in the Comparator module provides high-speed throughput and reliable inter-lock implementation. The interrupt out signal can be further wired as trigger signals for pre and post trigger analysis of signal data for post acquisition detailing.Each channel provides a Window Comparator implementation and a Level Comparator implementation. The configuration is programmable through software and the alarm can be generated if the signal is within the window or outside the window. Similarly, a high and low limit can be set and a trigger is generated if the signal exceeds the high limit or drops below the low limit.
Key Features
  • Upto 32 Differential channels per single VXI bus 'C' size slot.
  • Input ranges 10V, 20V, 60V jumper settable.
  • Window Comparison & Level Comparison.
  • Programmable Debounce Circuitry prevents erroneous readings.
  • Inputs / Interrupts can be masked.
  • Built-in self test (BIST).
  • Register based data access for VXI Backplane Triggers.
  • VXI Plug & Play Drivers.