Product IDDP-VXI-4503
Product Name80 Channel Relay Switch
Product DescriptionDP-VXI-4503 is a 80 channel, one Form C (SPDT) relay switch designed as a C size VXI module. This high density switch module is designed with a register based interface occupying only one VXI slot. This module uses two Form C relay switches. Out of the two contacts in each relay, one is used to provide the status of the relay through read back and the other is used for switching purpose.The user can write the command for the selected channels on to the primary latch of the FPGA section. Readback is available to confirm the selected commands. On command, the data from the primary latch is transferred to the secondary latch. The relay driver section provides the necessary drive to switch ON the relays. The buffers in this section drive the relay coils.This module features a back plane trigger for VXI triggered operation. On receipt of the back plane trigger the programmed relays will be energised/de-energised. Alternatively, software trigger can be used.
Key Features
  • Contact Rating - Max. Switching voltage of 220V DC / Acpeak. - Max. Switching current of 2A for both DC and AC.
  • Software verification of latched data.
  • Relay status monitoring.
  • Rugged connectors for field terminations.
  • Single slot 6U form factor.
  • Channel to Channel isolation of 250V DC.
  • VXI Plug & Play drivers.