Product IDDP-VXI-4017
Product Name80 Channel Relay Multiplexer
Product DescriptionDP-VXI-4017 is an 80 Channel Relay Multiplexer constructed using 2 Form A (DPST) relays. It is a C size 1 slot register based VXI module. This 80 Channel Relay Multiplexer module is highly configurable. As an 80 channel multiplexer, one input can be multiplexed to any of the 80 outputs or vice versa. The 80 channel multiplexer is divided into 8 banks of 10 channels each. This combination allows the board to be used as one group of 80x1 or two groups of 40x1 or four groups of 20x1 or eight groups of 10x1 differential multiplexer. The banks are isolated from each other by tree switches. 8 tree switches are used, one tree switch for each bank. A common tree switch is used to group all the eight banks. For short circuit protection resistors are provided for all the common terminals.
Key Features
  • 80 differential channels.
  • Switching capability for Current,Voltage and Resistance measurement.
  • High and low signal differential switching.
  • Break before make circuitry.
  • Configurable as 1 group of 80 x 1 or 2 groups of 40 x 1 or 4 groups of 20 x 1 or 8 groups of 10 x 1 multiplexer.
  • Low thermal offset <3V.
  • Output available on facia panel.
  • Facia panel current excitation.
  • Channel to channel isolation of 220V.
  • VXI plug and play drivers.