Product IDDP-VXI-3099
Product Name256 Channel Digital Input / Interrupt Output Module
Product DescriptionDP-VXI-3099 is a high density module that provides 256 channels of digital input/interrupt and/or output for large scale digital input monitoring and control.
Key Features
  • Configurable as - 256 channel digital input/interrupt (5V or 24V jumper selectable). - 256 channel digital input/interrupt or output (TTL level only).
  • Programmable debounce time(1Ásec to 16.77sec).
  • Programmable interrupt (maskable,edge selectable).
  • Selectable interrupt masking for all channels.
  • VXI register based slave.
  • Built-In-Self-Test (BIST).
  • VXI plug & play driver.