Product IDDP-VXI-1101
Product Name64 Channel 100 KHz 16 Bit ADC Module
Product DescriptionDP-VXI-1101, the 16-bit, intelligent, 100KHz A / D converter module can be widely used in data acquisition applications requiring high speed scanning with 16-bit resolution and high accuracy of 0.01% of reading.The module occupies one slot in the VXI 'C' size mainframe.DP-VXI-1101 module uses 8 channel signal conditioner plug on modules(SCP) for accommodating various input signals. Eight such SCP modules can be plugged onto the main board to accommodate a maximum of 64 channels per A / D converter module.
Key Features
  • 16-bit, Analog to Digital conversion.
  • 100,000 conversions / second.
  • Programmable gains of 1, 4, 16,64 and 256.
  • Multifunction measurement capability - DC voltage,thermocouple, strain, RTD, high voltage, etc.
  • On-board FIFO RAM and current value (CV) RAM (for on-line monitoring).
  • Auto-sequenced scan lists for easier multi rate scanning.
  • Numerically controlled Oscillator for flexible scan frequency.
  • Engineering units conversion at full speed.
  • Range of signal conditioning plug in modules (SCPs).
  • Extensive triggering facility.
  • Built-in self-test.
  • Automatic self calibration.