Product IDDP-PSU-7086
Product NameAdjustable Voltage Regulator Module
Product DescriptionThe adjustable voltage regulator module delivers an output of 2V to 12VDC from an input of 3V to 20VDC. It supports maximum 5W power dissipation without using any heat sink or external cooling. For power dissipation upto 10W a heat sink (DP-RM-HSK-00050) provision is given on the PCB. The module has two LEDs to indicate the presence of input and output voltages. It operates at a maximum dropout voltage of 1.5V at maximum output current. The module has an LDO (Low Dropout) which act as a three terminal constant current regulator.
Key Features
  • Input voltage range : 3V to 20VDC.
  • Output voltage range : 2V to 12V DC.
  • Power dissipation upto 10W.
  • Maximum drop out voltage of 1.5V.
  • Maximum current of 3A.