Product IDDP-IRG-5554
Product NameGPS Time & Frequency Generator With Disciplined 15 Rubidium* Clock
Product DescriptionDP-IRG-5554 is a full featured time code & frequency Generator.GPS receiver, which is internally synchronized with precision Rubidium oscillator is configured to provide extremely accurate clock & frequency.DP-IRG-5554 generates IRIG-B time code output, sine wave output and 1PPS output. A Rubidium standard oscillator disciplined to the GPS receiver using a GPS - Rubidium disciplining circuit is the source for time & frequency precision. User friendly LCD & LED displays and control switches are provided on the front panel. The system is encased into a neat 1U height, 19 rackmount enclosure.The outputs are derived from the Rubidium clock. The Rubidium oscillator is phase locked to the GPS input. The Rubidium clock maintains accurate time and frequency when GPS input is interrupted.
Key Features
  • GPS Time and Frequency Standard.
  • GPS synchronized rubidium Oscillator.
  • Rapid acquisition and time stabilization.
  • RS232 Input / Output port.
  • Dual display, 9 digit high visibility seven segment for time and 16 Character 2 line LCD for GPS data.
  • Outputs 10MHz, 1 PPS, RS232, IRIG-B.
  • Dual power inputs AC & DC.
  • 1U wide 19 Rack mountable stand alone unit.
  • LED indications for status conditions.
  • BCD outputs of milli seconds, seconds, minutes, hours and days.
  • Remote monitoring of data.