Product IDDP-FRA-805
Product NamePortable Frequency Response Analyser
Product DescriptionDP-FRA-805 is a rugged and portable Frequency Response Analyzer capable of analyzing the phase and gain characteristics of a system. The system under test is stimulated by the user defined waveform and obtained response is correlated with the applied stimulus by the on-board DSP processor to determine the phase difference and the gain. DP-FRA-805 is used as a stand alone equipment in control system applications such as : Aircraft Instrumentation/ system controls Aerodynamics tests - study of applied forces to wing structures Rocket propulsion and vectoring technology Filter Characterisation.
Key Features
  • Upto 3 axis simultaneous testing.
  • Waveform generator with 16-bit resolution.
  • Two channel analyzer with 16-bit resolution.
  • Sine, step, ramp, arbitrary waveform generation.
  • Frequency generation from 1mHz to 2KH.
  • Sweeping step size from 1mHz to 500Hz.
  • Linear and logarithmic step change.
  • Programmable number of cycles per frequency.
  • In-built short circuit protection.
  • On-board 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP.
  • Gain vs Frequency and Phase vs Frequency measurement.
  • Software programmable master / slave mode.
  • Complete isolation for the generated output from the system.
  • Frequency changes are phase continuous.
  • Configuration through software files.
  • Online graph with range selection and zooming.
  • Textual reports for raw data and analyzed data.
  • Offline printing for graph.
  • Isolated, generator & analyzer circuits.
  • Noise rejection capability.
  • Ability to analyse non-linear system.