Payload System

Payloads are mission specific and application focused systems. Tiny payloads provide huge benefits for Space Research in the areas of science, space exploration, technology development & education.

Data Patterns Nano satellites bus is a ideal platform for

    ► Plug and play capability for COTS payloads.

    ► Downscaled version of larger existing payloads (spectral imaging, Radar imaging, transponders, etc)

Listed below few possible payload solutions,

    ●  Earth observations, Land, Sea and Oceans.

    ●  Agriculture, forest, water resources management and surveillance.

    ●  Weather and Environmental monitoring.

    ●  Search and Rescue / Vessel (Ship) tracking / Aircraft tracking.

    ●  Scientific / Education payloads for Technology demonstration.

      ●  Remote Electromagnetic Field Measurement.

      ●  Remote Spectroscopy.

    ●  Numerous applications with satellite constellations.

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