Telecommand Transmitter

The Telecommand Transmitter system is designed in VHF frequency band to Command and Control the satellite from ground mission control center. The incoming commands via an Ethernet interface from the user console are encoded, modulated and amplified to interface it directly with the antenna terminals.

Data Patterns offers Telecommand transmitter as a standard off-the-shelf product suitable for cubesat / smallsat mission operations.

On Board Computer

●  144MHz to 148MHz Frequency band, Programmable in steps of 1KHz.

●  Configurable output power.

●  RF Reverse power protection.

●  Supports FSK, AFSK modulation schemes.

●  Supports Data rate from 1.2Kbps to 38.4Kbps.

Front panel LCD & Keypad enables user to monitor and configure the Transmitter parameters.

●  19 inch rack mountable 1U mechanical form factor. (Option in 3U form factor with amplifier).

●  Antenna polarity selection (optional).

●  Telecommand Transmitter.

●  Software ICD.

●  User Manual.