Payload Receiver

Payload Receiver is used for reception of payload data from the satellite in the SBAND frequency. The received downlink data are down-converted, demodulated, decoded and transferred via an Ethernet interface to the user computer.

Data Patterns offers Payload receivers as a standard off-the-shelf product suitable for cubesat / smallsat mission operations.

On Board Computer

●  Operates in VHF, UHF, L & S Band frequencies (130-2500 MHz).

●  Supports BPSK, QPSK Demodulation schemes.

●  Supports Data rate from 19.2 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

●  Accurate Doppler tracking and correction.

●  Front panel LCD & Keypad enables user to monitor and configure the Transmitter parameters.

19 inch rack mountable 1U mechanical form factor.

●  Antenna polarity selection (optional).

●  Payload Receiver.

●  Software ICD.

●  User Manual.