Mission Control Center

The Mission Control Computer (MCC) is an operation manager to control the complete ground station systems for satellite tracking and data reception. It is capable of configuring all RF transceiver systems for configuratble carrier frequencies, modulation scheme and data formats. The MCC has a data base server and application server with user consoles for displaying satellite health status (Thermal, Power, Battery, attitude etc.) received over telemetry and payload application (Images / other sensor) data.

On Board Computer

●  Data base management server to log all satellite operations like commanding and data reception.

●  A Master display screen to display the ground trace of the satellite for monitoring.

●  Doppler management application for prediction and tracking.

●  Graphical representation of Telemetry parameters over a period of time.

●  Plot different telemetry parameters in single graph for related performance analysis.

●  Database (for Linux / windows environment).

●  Application software.

●  User Manual.