Antenna Drive System

An Antenna drive system is used to steer the antenna assembly in Azimuth & Elevation planes to point towards the satellite during its visibility period for continuous satellite tracking.

Data Patterns provides suitable antenna drive systems for specific mechanical load and steering requirements.

On Board Computer

●  Hall sensor based motors for accurate position control.

●  Ethernet interface for remote monitoring & control of the Drive system.

●  Individual Control of Azimuth and Elevation motors via separate interfaces.

●  0.1┬░ antenna pointing accuracy.

●  Rotation time for 360┬║Azimuth : <230 secs and Rotation time for 180┬║ Elevation : <115 secs.

High performance software to precisely compute required position of Azimuth & Elevation motors based on satellite orbit for continuous tracking.

●  Autonomously track for user selected satellites.

●  Azimuth & Elevation Motors.

●  Drive Controller.

●  Software interface to Drive Controller.

●  Software ICD.

●  User Manual.