Obsolescence Management Services / Upgrade and Modernisation Services

Modern electronic design is focused on “Time to Market” and “Improved features for lower cost”, philosophies of business. This results in components, products, software and standards evolving faster than ever before. The industry follows the development trend and is therefore evolving rapidly too. Access to modern development tools enable fast design turn-around times allowing hitherto unheard of acceleration in technological innovation. Products and technologies are consequently getting obsolete in shorter time spans, and have unpredictable usable life.

High reliability systems and products utilized in large programs results in the developed and deployed product being extremely valuable, to both the manufacturer and the user community. Investments in manufacturing process, documentation, maintenance, training resources, and availability of skilled and trained users, make products more valuable than initially conceptualized. Unfortunately, electronic components often have a life cycle which is shorter than project life cycles. This results in the need for Obsolescence Management.

On the upside, these sharp technological inflexions spur innovation, but on the other hand, it causes serious engineering and equipment disruptions. Re-development and re-engineering, new technology adaptation, performance and reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services are Data Pattern’s forte; we can help you transition the obsolescence chasm. Data Patterns assist clients by providing Obsolescence Management Services and Product Modernization Services across a range electronic products. Through an innovative and flexible treatment of the product’s life cycle model, we assist the customers in reducing costs of outright replacement. We are able to support multiple products, sustaining the legacy, and nevertheless, evolving the equipment to the next generation platforms. This includes the creation of tools for, customer and developer, maintenance and support.

In electronics, it often becomes desirable to provide additional modern features to an existing product line rather than to develop a totally new product line, resulting in the need for modernization and upgradation, and consequently for our versatile yet niche expertise. Data Patterns services will help you in managing the product’s life cycle by extending its usable life, through enhancements, leapfrogging archaic defects, and tracking and fixing feature enhancements.

Data Patterns is an ideal position to carry out these services for clients, especially in defense, aerospace and other industries using electronics for their productivity. The strengths of Data Patterns in this field is derived from a strong back ground in developing product lines, and of maintaining them for a complete extended life cycle of the product. Skilled man power is available to quickly understand existing system designs, identify obsolescent components, and obtain replacements of identical form fit or modern day equivalents. We rework solutions from the PCB level to comprehensive line replaceable unit level upgrades. Finally, Data Patterns undertakes the re-qualification of the resultant product in order to ensure suitability for continued use. We can modernize products by adding facilities, through Software and Hardware upgrades, and also undertake renewal of associated documentation.

We boast of a maverick ability to think outside the box, straddling the old and the new. Take a walk on the wild side of frontier electronics with us, and experience our disciplined upgrade and modernization services.