Material Agreements

Material Agreements can be viewed here:

Offer Agreement dated 20.09.2021 Examination Report of Statutory Auditor__27.11.2021
Offer Amended Agreement dated 29.11.2021 COI_Name Change
Registrar Agreement dated 17.09.2021 COI_Data Patterns India Limited
Registrar Amended Agreement dated 29.11.2021 Chartered Engineer
Cash Escrow and Sponsor Bank Agreement - (Executed) Scheme of Amalgamation
Share Escrow Agreement Certificate from Stat Auditor_utilization of loans
Syndicate Agreement NCLT Order_Merger
Monitoring Agency Agreement Certificate from Independent Chartered Accountant
Certificate from PCS Shareholders Agreement_Florintree_02.06.2021
Directors Report -Audited Financials 31032019 Exemption Application_Promoter Entities
Directors Report -Audited Financials 31032020 NSE_in Principle approval
Directors Report-Audited financials_Data Patterns_31032019-ok Investment Agreement_13.04.2004
Directors Report-Audited financials_Data Patterns_31032020-ok Tripartite Agreement_NSDL
Directors Report-Audited financials_Data Patterns_31032021-ok Waiver and Termination Agreement_11.09.2021
Due Diligence Certificate to SEBI from BRLMs Tripartite Agreement_CDSL
BR to approve RHP IIFL Special Opportunities Fund Series 7
Consent of Selling shareholders and Promoters SEBI Final Observation Letter
Consent of BRLMs SSA Ashoka India Equity Equity Investment Trust PLC
Moa and AoA SSA Axis Small Cap Fund
Statement of possible special tax from Stat Auditor CTC BM_Approval for Sale_16.07.2021
COI_Indus Teqsite Private Limited CTC BM_Take on record approval of selling shareholders
CTC BM_15.09.2021_Approval of DRHP CTC EGM_Approval of DRHP_15.09.2021
Resolution_Changes in DRHP approved by IPO Committee OFS consent of selling employee shareholders
Consent from Stat Auditor_03.12.2021 Consent of KMP
Consent from Bankers to the Company Consent from Legal Counsels
Consent from Legal Counsels Consent from Lender Consent_SBI bank
Consent from Promoter and Promoter Group Consent Letter_Frost & Sullivan
Consent of Escrow Collection Bank, Bankers to the Offer Consent of Independent Directors
Consent of Non-Idependent Director Consent of Registrar to the issue
Consent of Syndicate Member Lender consent_Axis Bank
Lender consent_HDFC Bank Lender consent_IndusInd Bank
Engagement Letter_Frost & Sullivan Consent Letter 29112021
BSE_in principle approval